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Vishing works like phishing but does not always occur over the internet and is carried out using voice technology. A vishing attack can be conducted by voice email, VOIP (Voice over IP), or landline or cellular telephone.

Avoid becoming a victim of vishing attacks by following these simple rules:

What does fraudster wants?

By impersonating as a trustworthy entity over call (Telephone / Mobile / IVR – Interactive Voice Response), the fraudster attempts to acquire sensitive information such as:

  • Banking PIN
  • CVV / OTP / ATM PIN / Internet banking password
  • Credit / Debit card and personal financial details
  • Beware when you get a call from an unknown caller saying…?

  • “Share bank account details so that the income tax refund can be transferred to it”
  • “Card has been temporarily blocked and to avoid permanent blocking, do the following” do as directed or else card will be deactivated
    How can you protect yourself?

  • Never share confidential details like card number /Card expire date / CVV / OTP / Internet banking password / ATM PIN / Phone-banking pin with anyone
  • Review your credit and bank statement regularly
  • Always visit websites by typing URL in the address bar
  • Ensure the website uses encryption technology
  • Report suspected abuse to designated authorities

Magma Fincorp Limited does not request for personal account information or any other related information by text message, email, or automated phone call
Do not respond to any unsolicited texts, emails, pop-ups, or links that ask for personal information of any kind.