Loans From Magma Fincorp

Car Loans

Magma offers you Car Loans with low documentation and less hassle, compared to banks. This ensures a faster turnaround time in servicing your loan request and sanctioning your car loan. So if you are looking for hassle free experience while applying for a Car Loan, Magma should be your first choice. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

SIBASHISH KHUSHARY As a pilot, Mr. Khushari is constantly on the move. When the time came to surprise his wife with a car or her birthday, he relied on Magma’s personalised services to get the job done. Thanks to the efficiency of his local Magma team, Khushari managed to get the loan processed and the car delivered to his home just in time. “In no time, the loan was sanctioned, and the car was at my doorstep.”

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SME Loans

If you are looking for SME Loans to expand and grow your business, then you have come to the right place. Magma offers SME Loans with no primary or collateral security requirements. Loans can range from Rs. 7 lakhs to 2 crores – the largest collateral-free loans in India. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

ARNAB BASU When it came to getting his business up and running, Mr. Basu put his trust in Magma. Transparent processes inspired confidence, and the quickness and simplicity of carrying loans through from beginning to end has encouraged Mr. Basu to come to Magma for all his future SME loan needs. “Magma has been a partner in our progress. I couldn”t be happier!”
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Construction Equipment Loans

Magma offers Construction Equipment Loans ranging from 80%-100% of the asset value depending on customer grading. Loans are given to all profiles of customers including First Time users & First time buyers. So if you have a dream of purchasing your first construction equipment or you have an intention of scaling up your business by purchasing more construction equipment”s, then Magma will be delighted to help fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

GAUTAM CHOWDHRY Mr. Chowdhry needed an excavator to expand business at his brick field and heard positive reports on Magma’s efficiency and products. Even still, he was surprised to find just how easy Magma made the documentation process, and how quickly his excavator arrived at his door. “I got my equipment faster than I had expected! Magma’s turn-around time is excellent.”

Commercial Vehicles Loans

Magma offers Commercial Vehicle Loans ranging from 80%-100% of the asset value depending on customer grading. Loans are offered to all profiles of customers including First Time users & First time buyers. So, whether you are a fleet owner or a person who is looking to buy his first commercial vehicle, you can depend on Magma”s turnaround time and faster processing to ensure you get your vehicle delivered to you on time. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

HARBHAJAN SINGH For 15 years, Mr. Singh has partnered loyally with Magma, using our loan assistance to help fund trailers for his transportation business. Magma makes Mr. Singh’s growth simple, requiring a minimum of documentation and offering hands-on help to complete all paperwork with a minimum of stress. “If you need to get a loan for your truck, then Magma will prove to be your best friend.

Tractor Loans

Magma provides loans for all brands of tractors. Loans are also provided for used tractors. One of the key advantages of choosing Magma is that we have the highest tractor loan disbursement percentage in the market. Tractor Loans up to 90-95% of the tractor price, are provided by Magma. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

RAMCHANDRA GHOSH Mr. Ghosh needed a tractor to help him efficiently work is 800,000 square foot farm, but he wasn’t sure how to fund it. Then a local dealer told him about Magma. Magma came straight to his door, well outside town, and saw him through the whole loan process, beginning to end. “Today I plough my field with my new tractor, and when there is a good harvest, I thank Magma for it.”

Used Vehicle Loans

Magma provides loans for the entire range of used commercial vehicles from Small Commercial Vehicles to Tractor Trailers. Repayment tenure can range up to 15 years. Along with Commercial Vehicle Loans, Magma has also started funding Tyre Loans for Commercial Vehicles. Ease and flexibility of getting the loan in time is what differentiates Magma from other Refinance Companies. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

NARENDRA KUMAR. Mr. Kumar was contemplating buying a used truck, however he was unsure how he could secure funding for the same. Then a friend referred him to Magma. Mr. Kumar was delighted with the processing time and minimum paperwork Magma required to get his dream vehicle funded. He stated “By far this has been one of my best experiences dealing with a vehicle financier. The loan was processed in no time. I am extremely happy with the way my loan was processed”.


Auto Lease

Created to provide one-stop-shop financing facility to Small, Medium to Large Businesses in need of fleet financing for their fleet acquisition and for corporate  customers for the benefit of their employees. Magma offers flexible leasing terms coupled with a hassle free processing to make the leasing experience enriching for our clients. Here is an experience shared by a Corporate Employee, who availed Magma”s Auto Lease Service.

KIRAN VISWANATHAN. “Magma Leasing Team personal has been a great person to work with and have been absolutely bang on with time commitments. Recently, I bought a Honda City through your Leasing Company and I had a great and hassle free experience. I would highly recommend Magma Lease to my family, friends and colleagues.I would look forward for many more such good people to work with and would look forward for more such pleasant transactions.

Home Loans

Magma Housing Finance offers loans for Residential, Commercial & Plot purchases. We also provide loan against property with flexible payment terms. One of the best things about availing a Magma Housing Loan is that our loan values start from a mere Rs. 3 lakhs only. Loan tenures ranging from 12 to 240 months. This means, even if you are looking for a small quantum of funds, Magma can help you realize your dream of buying your first property. Here is an experience shared by one of our customers.

RAJENDRA JAIN. Mr. Jain is in the trading business and was looking for a Loan Against Property for a land bank he owned. He was weary about furnsihing a lot of documents to get his loan sanctioned and thus opted for Magma attributed to the prior relationship he had with us. He stated “My experience with Magma has been very good right from login in till disbursement stage. Things went on very smoothly and I was made aware of the various stages my file was in.”