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Beware of Fraud

In a time when digital is the most frequently used medium, especially for financial transactions, it has become even more imperative to safeguard ourselves against fraudulent behavior.

We urge you therefore to take constant care of your key relationship co-ordinates with us (e.g. Loan Account number, other confidential information, etc.) and not share them with anyone. Further, we encourage you to not entertain any communication (phone call, email, SMS) which prompts you to share your key personal details. However, you can make EMI or ODI (Over Due Interest) through our secure online customer portal.

You may receive communication asking you for sensitive information like Password, Customer ID, Debit/Credit Card details, OTP, etc. Any such Phone call/Email/SMS is an attempt to fraudulently transact from your account. Please don’t respond to such a Phone call, email or SMS.

At Magma we ensure that our customers’ information is secure and confidential. Therefore, do not share details of your Credit or Debit Card and Bank Account over the phone or online as your information could be misused by an unknown person.

Before sharing your details or making online payments, kindly visit our website www.magma.co.in to learn about our products, services and terms.

Warm regards,
Customer Service team
Magma Fincorp Limited