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Hear & Download our Signature Magma Tune – Magma Dhun

Everyone has a dream. Our’s is to make your’s happen.

At Magma, our brand promise is to contribute to India’s growth by investing in the smallest dreams. With more than 9,000 Crores of loans disbursed and 4.4 lakh customers, we believe that we don’t just give loans, we change lives. Our customers can reach us through more than 305 branches in 22 states and our network channel partners. We care for our customers and offer them transparency in service, flexible documentation, doorstep service, and quick turn-around-time. As we grow along with our customers, we continue to invest in a dream every minute.

Magma Media Contact:Diana Monteiro
Contact No: (022) 62291150
Email ID: diana.monteiro@magma.co.in